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How to Apply for Max’s Restaurant Franchise


Most Filipinos really love fried chicken both kids and adults alike. This is the reason why in most restaurants in the Philippines, fried chicken is a staple. But, if there’s one restaurant that offers the so-called “sarap to the bones” fried chicken, that would be Max’s.How-to-Apply-for-Max’s-Restaurant-Franchise

The popularity of Max’s is the main reason why many entrepreneurs want to invest for a franchise. Max’s restaurant is not only internationally recognized, but also reputable. This means that it would be very easy to market the product to the public. Nevertheless, the company requires franchisees to comply with the high standard procedure and strict measures.

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Max’s Restaurant Franchise Inclusions

Aside from the reputation of the Max’s, franchising this restaurant includes the following services and support:

  • Planning, site selection, and design
  • Management and developmental training on operational and administrative matters
  • Operational support and marketing assistance
  • Research and development procurement and Point of Sale technology

Franchising Packages and Fee of Max’s Restaurant

If you plan to franchise Max’s restaurant, you should be ready to have enough money to fund the investment. The initial investment that you need to prepare is about Php12 M to Php20 M. The amount varies depending on the size and type of the restaurant that you want to setup.

The cash that you need to shell out covers the franchise fee, startup capital, construction cost and equipment. In addition, the initial investment also covers the initial supplies of the store such as fixtures and furniture.

The franchisee has the right to use the name, logos, recipes, trademarks and other marketing aspects of Max’s restaurant. Aside from the initial investments, the franchisee is also required to settle 5% of royalty fee and 3.5% of the promo and advertising fee from the monthly gross sale.

Terms and Site Requirements

Upon approval of the franchise, the franchisee will be granted 6 years’ operation term. The franchise is renewable for 3 terms that is equivalent to 24 years.

The required minimum area is 200 square meters for a mall location. If you’re applying for a stand-alone store, you should look for a location with minimum area of 250 square meters. Likewise, the location should be in a high traffic residential or commercial area. It should be convenient and accessible for both motorists and pedestrians.

How to Qualify?

The applicant should meet the required criteria in order to get approval. The qualifications include the following:

  • Has background or experience in retail business particularly food related
  • Financially capable
  • Has feasible network in the market area
  • Can commit time to manage the store

If you think that you’re qualified, you can apply with the following requirements:

  • Letter of intent
  • Completed Franchise Evaluation Form
  • Bring the location map of the proposed store when you attend the preliminary interview
  • Study the fine print of the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Attend the corporate interview
  • Attend the orientation and review the agreements before signing it

The preparation takes about 9 months before the restaurant can operate completely. You can expect to recover your total investment and return on investment within 5 years of operation. However, the payback period depends on how your franchise performs.