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How to Apply for TouchPay Franchise


Falling in long lines and waiting your number to be called is a very common scenario when paying your bills and loans. The good thing is that there are new and innovative ways of doing such things through the automated payment system.

TouchPay is an automated payment system that can provide solutions and can make paying of bills hassle-free. In this wireless credit card machine your bills and even loans.


The good news is that TouchPay is offering franchise to whoever interested to earn additional income through this all-in-one payment machine.

Why Choose TouchPay Franchise?

If you’re looking for a profitable way to earn income, you should consider TouchPay franchise. Unlike other competitors, the TouchPay products are on competitive edge. Here are some reasons why you should choose this APM.

  • Easy to setup

Knowing that almost all people want convenience in paying bills, setting up this business can be easier. All you have to do is to look for location with high foot traffic. But, you need also to consider the security and safety of the area considering the fact that the people who would avail the service have money.

  • Small space requirements

All you need is minimal space of about 1 sq.m to install the TouchPay APM, strong cellphone reception and an electrical outlet.

  • Low electricity consumption

Although the APM operates 24 hours, but you can expect low electricity consumption that ranges from Php350.00 to Php500.00. The power supply that you should use is 220v.

  • No staff required

The operation of this business is 24 hours, but there’s no need for a staff to man its operation. This means that you can save from hiring manpower.

  • Online monitoring of sales

Franchising TouchPay is very convenient as you can monitor the sales virtually. They provide a weblink that you can use to monitor the sales anytime, anywhere and real-time.

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The Process of Applying for Touchpay Franchise

  • Submit the letter of intent citing valid reason why your application should be approved
  • The company will schedule a preliminary interview and site evaluation
  • Once you meet all the requirements, you’ll be granted with the franchise

How to Earn Income from TouchPay APM?

The money that you will earn from this franchise is derived from the commission of every payment made by the customers. Obviously, you need to put money as a capital that’s why you need to ensure that the machine is highly secured.

Your earnings vary depending on the payments made and those that generated from other partners with TouchPay.