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Best Way to Invest 10,000 Php Money and Earn Steady Income


Being employed alone is not enough to make both ends meet. How about those who are unemployed? How can they survive with their daily living?

To alleviate poverty, the best way is to learn how to start a small business and earn a living. Starting a business can be challenging, but if you have an entrepreneur mindset and skills, you will surely succeed.


Read this on to know the business ideas that you can start.

  1. Online selling business

It is said that the Internet has made our lives a lot easier. In fact, almost everything can be done swiftly through the Internet. Nowadays, there are many online stores available that offer various products and services. You too can start your own online selling business by setting up your own virtual store.

  1. Rice retailing business

Rice is a staple to every Filipino that’s why starting a rice retailing business can be a smart idea. With Php10,000 capital, you can start this business venture from the comfort of your home.

  1. Street food business

Street foods are popular among Filipinos. In fact, you can see street food vendors on most streets. You can start buying small packs of fish ball, cheese sticks, kikiam, chicken balls and squid balls. But, make sure to follow the health and sanitary guidelines when doing this business.

  1. Meat shop business

Another business idea that you can start for as low as Php10,000 is a meat shop. You can start selling at home or you can set up in a wet market that has less competition. Try putting up your meat shop in a location with high foot traffic to attract more customers.

  1. Cellphone loading business

With as low as Php10,000 you can start a cellphone loading business. This business idea is profitable as you can sell loads to different telecom networks. Likewise, you can also sell prepaid game cards, cellphone units, and accessories.

  1. Personalized t-shirt printing

Personalized T-shirt printing is getting popular nowadays. It is a low capital business and you can even start it at home or in malls. All you need is a computer, T-shirt transfer paper, and Adobe Photoshop and you can start your t-shirt printing business.

Startup capital is necessary for starting a business, but as long as you are determined, you’ll succeed even with a small business. The key is to stay positive and confident to succeed.