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Binalot Franchise – Profitable Food Business Ideas in the Philippines


Building wealth is possible in the business world. Franchising is one of the easiest way to invest in a business. Binalot is a profitable food business that is ideal to franchise.

This food business has been in the industry since 1996 and the concept is to serve foods in banana leaves, which is the traditional way of Filipino dining.


Binalot Franchise packages and investment

  • Full store/restaurant

The required store area is 95 to 150 square meter. The franchise fee within Mega Manila is Php600,000 and Php700,000 for inter-island and provinces. The total investment may range from 3.5 M to 3.9 M including kitchen equipment, cookware, utensils, construction signage POS renovation, murals and menu boards. The contract term is 6 years.

  • In-line stall

This package requires about 25 to 95 square meter store location and the contract term is 6 years. The franchise fee is the same with the full store package. The total investment is lower and the franchisee should prepare approximately 2.8 M to 3.5 M. Included in the franchise fee are supplies and equipment necessary to operate the business.

  • In-line kiosk

The franchise fee and its inclusion are the same as with the other packages. But, the store area required is smaller of about 15 to 25 square meter. The total investment may range from 2.5 M to 2.8 M.

  • Binalot express

The recommended store area is 6 to 10 square meter and the total investment is 1.2 M. The franchise fee for Mega Manila franchise is Php600,000 and for provincial and inter island is Php700,000. The franchise fee covers equipment training marketing collateral as well as training and recruitment.

Binalot Franchise procedures

  • The applicant should submit a letter of intent along with the proposed location vicinity map and resume. Once the letter of intent was received, the applicant will be required to attend an orientation. The applicant will fill out the Franchise Qualification form and submit the same to the Business Development Officer.
  • A preliminary interview will be conducted and the franchisor will inspect the location. If the proposed site was approved, the applicant can pay the reservation fee. The reservation fee is transferable but non-refundable. The applicant is required to conduct a market study which will be validated by the franchisor.
  • Once the site approval is awarded, the Business Development Officer will provide the investment estimates and financial projections.
  • Lastly, the applicant will sign the franchise agreement and memorandum of agreement.

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For Binalot Delivery and Contact Details

For franchising inquiries, you can contact them at the following:

Website: www.binalot.com

Email: ilovebinalot@gmail.com

Tel No.: (02)824-7014

Telefax: (02)822-6483