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Business Ideas with Small Capital or Low Investment


Learn from this post a business ideas with small capital, Nowadays more and more people feel the need to start their own business because it is becoming more difficult to make both ends meet with just one source of income.

However, most people think that it is impossible to start their own business, especially when they do not have enough capital.


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The truth is that, you can make it happen, and you can start your own business, even with a little investment. You just have to conduct your own research, check on what is in demand in your market, have a good business plan, and of course a concept for your business. Here are some of the best small business ideas with small capital that you can start here in the Philippines.

1. Online business. Everything nowadays can be practically done online, and that is the same for having your own business. You do not necessarily have to have a physical shop to be able to start your retail business because you can just post your products online. This way, all you need to spend for would be the products you are going to sell. You won’t have to pay for the rent or space for your store, as all you need to secure is a reliable internet connection and your desktop or laptop.

2. Sari-sari store. Even if sari-sari stores in the Philippines are everywhere, this is still one of the most popular and an ideal business. That is because we always need to have a nearby place to buy our basic needs at home. If your house has a very strategic location, you can consider having your sari sari-store, and you can start with just a few but important merchandise.

3. Carinderia is another business that does not require a very huge capital, especially when you can do it outside your home. You can start with a small number of dishes then you can expand your menu when you start earning more profit.

4. Tutoring services. With tutoring services, you won’t have to spend anything at all. You are also not limited to just teaching subjects in school. You can do music lessons, and teach some musical instruments if you are an expert in playing some like the guitar or piano.