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Why Buying Pre-Selling Homes is a Good Investment for OFWs


The main objective why OFWs are working abroad is to provide their families better and to look for greener pastures. Obviously, they also dream of purchasing a home for their loved ones.

This is possible and achievable if they will invest in pre-selling homes. This option isn’t only the easiest way to own a house but also less expensive.Why-Buying-Pre-Selling-Homes-is-a-Good-Investment-for-OFWs

Here are some reasons why OFWs should invest in pre-selling homes;

  • More affordable

Pre-selling homes are cheaper than ready-for-occupancy homes. It is 30% to 50% cheaper as compared to finished homes. Pre-selling homes have lower introductory price, reduced rates of down payment, flexible payment schemes and discounts.

  • Appreciate in value

The value of pre-selling homes appreciates and increases depending on its location.

  • Potential income generator

If you’re not yet ready to live in the house, renting it out can be a smart idea. This can be a potential income generator in which you can earn monthly income. In fact, you may prefer to sell the property for higher prices and invest in another property. This is a great way to grow your money.

  • Provides security

Owning a property provides a sense of security.  Through your hard work you can acquire a home for your family. The terms of pre-selling home are more flexible that’s why it’s a good option for OFWs to invest.

  • Gives a feeling of satisfaction

Acquiring a property gives you a feeling of satisfaction than renting an apartment or a house. But, you should check first the location of the pre-selling home if it will give you and your family a comfortable lifestyle.

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If you want to invest your hard-earned money from working abroad, you should consider pre-selling home. But, make sure to find a good developer who can help you in acquiring your dream house.