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How can an OFW get Tax Identification Number in the Philippines


OFWs or people working abroad also need to have a TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number from the Philippines. The TIN is an important document issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenues. It is a valid ID that can be used for any transactions.

Anyone who had worked or have been working in the Philippines were entitled to have a Taxpayer Identification Number. Only one TIN is issued for every taxpayer. Otherwise, having several TIN is a violation of the National Internal Revenue Code provision of 1997.


If you’re an OFW you can apply for a TIN in the Philippines. All you have to do is to visit the nearest BIR Office and fill out the application form and bring along your birth certificate and other valid IDs.

Is there a need to apply for TIN

The mere fact that you’re working abroad excuses you to have a TIN. It’s because your earnings abroad are not under the jurisdictions of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

In the same manner, if you invest on stocks from any Philippine companies, you’ll pay your capital gains to the country you’re working for.

The need for an OFW to have this ID is for tax purposes particularly when buying a land, vehicle or a house in the Philippines.