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How to Earn Money in Twitter – Making Money Online


Aside from Facebook you can also earn money in Twitter, Twitter is one of the social media platforms that has millions of members. It was created as a micro-blogging platform where members can only use 140 character updates.How-to-Earn-Money-in-Twitter

Signing up and using its service is free of charge. Have you wondered how Twitter makes money? The truth is Twitter generates revenue through data licensing and on-site advertising.

On-site advertising

Twitter is recognized by many companies as a marketing tool. This platform can be used for advertising through mobile apps and social network’s website.

  • Promoted tweets

One way on how Twitter makes money is through the promoted tweets. It is a paid tweet of a company inserted by Twitter into the users’ timelines. Twitter identifies the target users based on the profiles they follow, location, demographics, and the device used.

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Twitter earns revenue from promoted tweets of the companies based on the number of “retweets” or “clicks” received.

  • Promoted accounts

Many companies have been paying Twitter to promote their profiles or accounts to attract more followers. Once a user log into his or her account, few recommended profiles will be shown. These recommendations are generated through an algorithm of accounts with common demographics.

  • Promoted trends

If you visit the Twitter website, you will see a list of the trending topics that may or may not be in the form of hashtag. Through the trending topics, the users will know the news items and stories that are making a buzz on the World Wide Web.

A company that wants to promote a trend for a period of time can pay Twitter to do the job.

Data licensing

Aside from promoted trends, promoted profiles, and promoted tweets, Twitter also generates revenue through data licensing also known as firehose data. Companies like Gnip, BuzzFinder, and DataSift have access to the firehose and they are using sophisticated analysis in gathering important insights related to sensitive consumer trends or in getting brand sentiment.

In spite of the fact that Twitter is generating millions of revenue year over year, still this micro-blogging platform isn’t yet a profitable company.