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How to Franchise Jollibee in the Philippines


If there is any investment here in the country that will give you an assurance that you will be making a profitable business, it would be fast food chains. This is especially true for the most popular brands like Jollibee.

Jollibee is known to be everybody’s favorite. Every Filipino, regardless of age, is a fan of Jollibee because of the fact that they offer delicious meals that perfectly suit our taste buds. Therefore, if you decide to franchise Jollibee, you are almost certain that your business will be rewarding you with a promising profit.


If you are looking for the tips on how you can start your Jollibee franchise, you are on the right place. Here are the things that you need to know.

1. Process your application. For submitting your application, you should go to Jollibee’s official website, then download and print a copy of the form. Write your letter of intent and also include your target location. Indicate your contact information, as well as your mailing address. Include in your submission some legal documents that the application is under your name. And do not forget your resume.

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As a franchisee, you should know that you should be a well driven person, you must also know how to motivate your people, able to work with a team, and must be willing to devote your time for your business operations.

2. Be ready with the franchise fee. Normally, the financial requirement will depend on how big or small your Jollibee store is. But usually, those who are interested to franchise prepare for 15 to 30 million pesos. What this will include will be the construction of your store, the facilities, equipment in the kitchen, signage, and other expenses you need before operating.

3. Mail your documents to the official address of Jollibee Foods Corporation: Franchising and Events Department 9t floor Jollibee Plaza, #10 F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For additional details you may also see Jollibee franchise contact website.

After your submission, you will have to wait for 2 to 3 months for your application to be evaluated. As soon as you get the approval, Jollibee will be conducting a discussion with you regarding the exact amount of the investment, your return of investment and other important concerns regarding your franchise.