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Guide on How to Start a Car wash Business in Philippines


Starting a car wash business could be fun, exciting and definitely profitable for someone who has the drive and the perseverance to run a business. There is a good chance of finding success in this business given the right location, high quality service and good marketing.

While it may sound so easy and simple, opening a carwash business still requires careful planning, investment and keen attention to details to make sure that you are making the most out of your business. In short you will need a car wash business plan.


If this is a business you are also considering to have, here are some guidelines you can consider.

1. Conduct a research about the business industry. You cannot just jump right into starting a business without knowing enough about it. You need to do some research about the background of this industry so that you will pretty much have an idea about the ins and outs of the business. You will also have to observe and find out if there is any competition in the area, and also compare their average pricing. You cannot overprice because you are just starting out and you are only about to build your brand.

2. Develop a business plan. You need to decide for the type of carwash services you can render your customers, for example, exterior cleaning, interior cleaning and auto detailing (car wax, car polish). Your business plan should also include the amount of investment you think you need to make, the estimated return of investment in a specific period of time, the fees and other expenses. Your plan should include every single detail you need when it comes to the operations of the business.

3. Create a marketing plan. In your marketing plan, you need to determine how you will be marketing your business, who your target customers are, what strategies you are going to use, and how you will make your business stand out from your competitors.

4. Get your capital ready. Since your business plan has given you an idea on how much you will be needing for a capital, it is about time that you gather the capital so that you can already start the business. Get your location ready and register your business by complying with the requirements set by the Department of Trade and Industry.