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How to Start Goto King Franchise – Hearty business opportunity


Rice porridge, locally known as goto, is one of the comfort food that isn’t only popular during rainy days but also any time of the day. Since most Filipinos love goto, you may consider getting Goto King Franchise.

image: GotoKing

How Goto King started?

In 1984, a 2 x 2 meter cart started to do business inside the SM Cubao food court named Goto King. It was established as a single proprietorship business by Teresa Dula Laurel. Goto King then only offers affordable street food goto, tokwa’t baboy and lugaw.

That simple concept of food item became successful and the owner decided to add other merinda items like bachoy, dinuguan, pansit, and halo-halo. Goto King expanded business after 10 years of operation and they open new opportunities for franchising. The first franchised store was established in 1994 at V. Luna Road, Quezon City.

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As time passed, Goto King has 26 outlets in different locations of Metro Manila, Batangas, Cavite, Cebu, and Cagayan. There’s also 1 outlet of Goto King in Abu Dhabi, UAE where OFWs frequently visited.

Goto King franchising details

If you’re interested to apply for Goto King Franchise, it’s important to know first the important details that pertain to franchising this brand.

There are 4 franchise package options to choose from including the following:

  • Small kiosk

This franchise package option requires a space that measures about 6 to 10 sq.m. and the package amount is between Php800, 000 to Php 1.2 million. The franchise fee is Php300, 000 good for 3 years contract.

  • Big kiosk

If you want to franchise Big Kiosk, you should prepare for an initial investment of Php1 million to Php1.6 million. This includes Php380, 000 franchise fee. This franchise package measures about 11 to 15 square meters and inclusive for 3 years contract.

  • Food court

If you have big amount of money to apply for Goto King Franchise, the Food Court package option. The floor area is bigger that measures 20 to 40 square meters. The Initial investment is around Php1.8 million to Php2.5 million including the Php420, 000 franchise fee and 5 years contract.

  • Independent

This franchise package has the biggest floor area that measures about 76 to 150 square meters. Being the biggest among other franchise package, it follows that the initial investment is also higher amounting to Php2.5 million to Php5 million. It covers the Php450, 000 franchise fee and five year contract.

The good thing is that the food deposit included in the franchise fee is refundable. This means that the franchisee can refund the deposit amounting to Php50, 000 to Php300, 000. However, the franchisee should pay the service fee that costs about Php25, 000 or 4 to 6% of the monthly gross sales.

Included in the franchise package are the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • Design of the store and construction
  • Restaurant and kitchen equipment
  • Outlet décor, menu board, and signages
  • Management team and crew’s training
  • Marketing support for the opening of the store (soft and grand)
  • Operations manual

However, not all government permits and licenses are covered by the Franchise Fee. Goto King will only cover those related to leasehold improvements.

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How to apply for Goto King franchise

If you are decided to apply for Goto King Franchise, here is the application process to follow:

  • Send a Letter of Intent that includes the site proposal to

Mrs. Teresa Dula Laurel

President/ COO

Address: 159 Kamias Road Quezon City, Metro Manila

Email Address: gotoking.philippines@gmail.com

Fax Number: (02) 9223206

If the franchisee was unable to find feasible location, Goto King can help.

  • Complete the application form and submit the required documents such as the following:
  1. Franchise Initial Inquiry form
  2. Franchise evaluation Forms 1 and 2
  3. Franchise Application Form
  • Once the evaluation forms are approved, a meeting will be scheduled by Goto King to discuss the requirements and procedures in detail.
  • Prior of preparing the Financial Projections, the franchisee should pay first the reservation fee amounting to Php30, 000 that is non-refundable.
  • Once the Financial Projection is accepted by the franchisee, signing of Franchise Agreement is then set.

Contact details

For more information about Goto King Franchise, you can send your queries to:

Email Address: inquiry@gotoking.com.ph

Telephone Number: (02) 9285893 (Look for Mel)

Fax Number: (02) 4335208

Address : 159 Kamias Road Extension Sikatuna, Quezon City, Philippines