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MiniStop Franchise: The Cost and Requirements


Roaming around the cities and even towns in the Philippines you’ll see different convenience stores serving people who need to buy something anytime of the day.

MiniStop is one of the convenience stores offering services 24 hours. This store offers various merchandise like food and drinks, common grocery items, toiletries, ready-to-eat products and even full meals.


Many customers have been patronizing MiniStop because of the high quality products and services they offer that best suits among Filipinos.

This convenience store is open for franchise. But, it’s not easy to be a franchisee. Aside from having an entrepreneurial mindset, you should also commit most of your time to manage the daily operation of the business. Likewise, a franchisee should have sufficient fund for the investment and willing to follow the policies, procedures and standards of MiniStop.

MiniStop Franchise Requirements

Anyone who is interested to apply for a franchise should comply with the following requirements:

  • The applicant must submit a letter of intent
  • Once the application is approved, the franchisee will be required to attend a presentation and set an interview with the area franchise manager
  • Ocular inspection
  • Submit feasibility study

After the franchise is approved, both the franchisee and the franchisor will sign the franchise agreement and assignment letter. The franchise fee should be settled and secure all the business permits and licenses. It is also required to attend the seminar related to Franchisee Training Module. Once everything is secured, you can then start your MiniStop franchise business.

Ministop Franchise costs

The initial investment that a franchisee should expect is between P1 M and P3 M, but may also varies depending on the package availed. The contract duration is within 10 years and expect for return on investment within 4 years.

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In terms of location, the franchisee may suggest, but the MiniStop executives will conduct a feasibility study. The required area is 100 sq meters and should be in a location with high foot traffic. This means that the franchise outlet should be situated near schools, universities, offices, hospitals, condominiums, residential areas and terminals.

For more information about ministop delivery and franchising, you may contact them through the following contact details:

Website: www.ministop.com.ph

Facebook: facebook.com/MinistopPH

Twitter: twitter.com/MinistopPH

Email: business@ministop.com.ph, franchising@ministop.com.ph, info@ministop.com.ph

Phone Nos.: (02)280-5763, (02)640-2817, (02)637-9956

Telefax No.: (02)642-8765

Fax No.: (02)640-2819

Mobile Nos.: 0922-878-0629, 0922-537-7120

Address: 401 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga, Pasig City, Philippines