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Rainy Days Small Business Ideas and Fast Selling Products


Who says that rainy days only bring woes to us? Instead of being problematic about the problems caused by rains, why don’t you think about the business opportunities that you can start during such days.


The good news is that there are small business ideas appropriate for rainy season. You won’t only help people answer their concerns but also earn profit.

  1. Rain boots – Rubber rain boots will do, but you can be trendy by selling stylish rain boots. There are fashionable rain boots that you can sell that will surely fit to Filipinos. It’s a good way to stay comfortable in spite of the downpour.
  2. Rain coats and jackets – These items are very saleable during rainy days and your target customers will be both children and adults. Even those who work outside and bike riders will need them for protection.
  3. Vending business – Rainy season restricts people to do what they want. It is also associated to chilly weather condition. So, why not start a food and drink vending business? You can take your cart to work places and sell hot meals, snacks and beverages.
  4. Drying station – This is an excellent business idea during rainy days as you can help people who were soaked by the rain to dry their clothes and other things in just a few minutes.
  5. Tea café business – Any weather condition can’t stop people to go online. Thus, starting a tea café business will attract people to stay to do online thing comfortably.
  6. Gutter cleaning services – During rainy season many homeowners are problematic about clogged gutters. Offering a gutter cleaning service can help homeowners and at the same time it’s a good way to make money.
  7. Pick up service – Oftentimes, heavy rains would make people stranded. With this, if you have tricycle or car you can use it to rick up people who were stranded.
  8. Foil pack bags – This is a smart business idea during rainy days as it does not require big capital. You can start a new business from scraps like tetra pack foil. Use your creativity to create useful stuffs that are water resistant.

Rainy season may last for months. That’s why before the season starts, think about a business idea in which you can invest. If you don’t have enough startup capital you can start small and once it prospers you can expand your business or start another one.