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Small Business Ideas That Requires as Low as Php1,000 as Start-up Capital


Do you want to start a business, but don’t have a big amount of money as capital? The good news is that there are small business ideas that require Php1,000 as start-up capital.

Learn some small business ideas and try them now.

  1. Sell home-cooked goodness

Food is man’s necessity that’s why if you have passion for cooking, you can start selling home-cooked goodness. You can start with snacks such as banana cue, lumpia, camote fries, turon and other favorite treats.


  1. Load retailing

Nowadays, most people own a cellphone. Starting a load retailing business is the easiest way to earn income. You can also sell electronic credits to online games. All you need is a cellphone and a sim card that you can use for this kind of business.


  1. Handcrafted accessories

If you love accessories and you have the talent and skills to create handcrafted accessories, you can use it to earn income. Making accessories requires just a minimal amount of capital. You can buy a wide range of beads and other embellishments that you can use in making bracelets and charms.


  1. Soap making and selling

Soap is one of our basic commodities. That’s why it’s a smart idea to start a business such as making and selling soap. All you have to do is to attend seminar or training about soap making and with a little amount as capital you can start making your own brand of soap.


  1. Baking goodies

Many people are having sweet tooth and love baking goodies. If you know how to bake you can use your talent in baking to start a small business. You can try new creations and make sure that your baked goodies taste good. This way your customers will keep coming back.

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Who says that Php 1,000 isn’t enough to start a business? This thinking is wrong because as long as you have the talent and passion for starting a business, you can succeed even with just a small capital. It’s better to start small and make it big in the future. There’s nothing wrong to try, the important thing is that you do something to make it happen.