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How to Start 7-Eleven Franchise in the Philippines | Now for only 300,000


Who would think that a simple convenience store would become successful? 7-Eleven is one of the convenience stores that is available in every corner of a town throughout the world particularly in the Philippines.

The concept of this store is to provide 24 hours’ service to its clients. Many entrepreneurs were attracted to franchise this corporate-owned stores because of very minimal investment. This is the reason why you can see 7-Eleven outlet anywhere you go even in towns and long high-ways.


The target market of this convenience store are those busy people who look for something to eat conveniently and fast.

What to expect for the franchise?

If you’re interested to apply for 7-Eleven franchise, you can expect better flow of sales knowing that this convenience store implements proven retail operating system for more than 25 years. As a franchisee, you can also access the distribution and logistics resources.

You can also benefit from a comprehensive training program related to operation and management as well as continuous marketing development, operational support and product R&D. There will be an Operations Field Consultant who will visit to guide the operation of the business. The 7-Eleven will prepare the monthly marketing and financial records for the franchisee.

Qualifications and 7-Eleven franchise fee

Before you apply for a franchise, make sure that you have the skills of an entrepreneur. You should have sufficient fund for the investment and can commit most of your time to manage the daily operations of the business.

Likewise, you should possess great managerial and leadership skills as well as willing to work and cooperate with your franchisors.

If you think that you are qualified to apply for a franchise, the next thing to do is to secure all the required documents including the following:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Accomplished application form

Send those requirements to franchising@7-eleven.com.ph or to The Franchise Manager Philippine Seven Corporation 7th Floor, Columbia Tower, Ortigas Ave., near corner EDSA Mandaluyong City Philippines.

The amount of investment varies on the size of the store, but may varies between P1 to P5 million. The investment covers your right to operate the store, facilities and equipment, fixtures and furniture, signage, air-conditioning system and initial inventory.

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Meanwhile, “The P300,000 7-Eleven franchise package outlay was basically just a deposit that the prospective franchisee would eventually get back. It’s just an assurance that the new investor “won’t run away with the weekend sales,” that’s according to PSC President Jose Victor Paterno.

To obtain good return on investment, make sure that your store is performing well not only by giving quality service and products, but also the operating principles.