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How to Start BBQ and Isaw Business at Home


Street food is one of the favorites of many Pinoys. In fact, street food vendors are visible everywhere such as at parks, schools, terminals, churches and in neighborhood.How-to-Start-BBQ-and-Isaw-Business-at-Home_1

Isaw is among of the street foods that can satisfy one’s hunger. This tasty, inexpensive food is half the price cheaper than the meals served in restaurants.

Aside from being a popular snack, chicken isaw and grilled pork are also favorite pulutan among Filipinos along with grilled pig’s ear and pork barbeque.

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Starting a barbeque business is profitable and the potential customers may come from all walks of life. with an initial investment capital ranging from Php2,000 to Php5,000 you can start selling grilled chicken isaw and other variety of barbeque. The initial investment can cover the expenses of buying the meat and ingredients as well as some equipment.

To start this street food business, you should follow the steps listed below:

If you plan to sell street foods, it’s suggested to look for a location with higher foot traffic such as market, offices, schools, and parks.

  • Choose the meat or delicacy

There are different varieties of barbequed products including pork, chicken, or beef. Aside from the common meats of pork and chicken, you can also offer pork/chicken intestines or isaw, chicken head, blood or Betamax, chicken feet or adidas and pork ears.

To attract more customers, you should ensure making your recipe for the marinade stand out among other vendors. Keep in mind that the success of any food business depends on the palate.

  • Create your original sauce

Creating your own recipe of sauce provides identity of your business. That’s why you should not only mix the ingredients for the sauce, but make sure that it will remain in the palate of your customers.

Starting a barbeque business or grilled isaw is very easy and affordable. In fact, permits or clearances sometimes are not necessary. The important thing to ensure is the cleanliness and sanitation.