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How to Start a Carinderia Business in Philippines


One of the most common and sought-after local businesses in the Philippines is the carinderia. A carinderia is a local eatery which sells local Filipino food which are made affordable for the masses. If you want to have it as a business, you can start it with a low capital, especially when you can just have it right within your own place, or outside your house.

Fast food may have become a way of life for many Filipinos but nothing will beat the goodness of food served in the carinderia. Many people continually patronize this type of eatery not only because they are a lot cheaper, but also because they serve home-cooked food.

If you are also considering having your own carinderia, here are some tips that may help you.

1. Prepare for your capital. In order to open your own carinderia, you may need to have at least 10,000 or 15,000 pesos for a start. All of these money will have to go for your food ingredients, utensils, equipment for cooking, business permit, space rental and others. However, if it will only be possible for you to have your carinderia within your own place, then you will probably not need a big capital.

2. Plan for your menu. Your menu should not be complicated because it should only consist of the common home cooked meals popular to Filipinos. If possible, include dishes with vegetables, fish, chicken, pork and beef, if your budget or capital can accommodate. This is to make sure that your customers will still have a lot to choose from. Also make it a point to have different set of menus everyday.

3. Register your business. You need to register your business so that it will be recognized as a legal entity. There are privileges that also come along with getting your business registered, including getting exemptions from tax, and others.

4. Keep your price low. While you want to earn a good profit from your business, you still have to make sure that your prices are low and affordable for the common Filipino masses. This will help keep the loyalty of your existing customers, and you will be able to attract new ones.