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How to Start your Own Electronics Repair Shop Business


Do you have skills and certificate to do electronics repair?

This is one of the business ideas that you can start even at the comfort of your home. Nowadays, almost all people have electronic gadgets like cellphones and other devices like computers, laptops, LCD and LED. The problem is that they know how to troubleshoot in case something went wrong on their gadgets.


Buying a new one can be expensive, thus the first resort they have is to look for someone who can fix the faulty electronic device. Thus, comes into the scene the service of electronics repair shop.

Simple steps to start an electronic repair shop business

  1. Create a plan

An electronics repair shop business plan is vital in starting as well as in keeping up your business. It will serve as guide to achieve your objectives and goals. Always include the factual details about your competitors, target clients, and at the same time the marketing and financial strategies

  1. Secure permits

You can’t operate your business without the legal documents such as business permits. With this, you need to visit and secure the necessary permits or licenses from the concerned local authorities.

  1. Organize necessary resources

Aside from the business permits, you should also prepare the necessary repairing tools and other electronic components. Determine the required startup capital in providing repair services.

  1. Promote your business

Make your own strategy of promoting your business. The word of mouth is the cheapest way of promoting and marketing your business. Ask help from your family and friends to promote your business.

Above all, if you’re planning to start a repair service business, make sure that you have adequate knowledge and skills about the service that you would extend. Being skillful to fix all forms of electronics can make you more money. Likewise, you can also consider providing home service for those who don’t have time to visit your shop.