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How to Start a Grocery Store – Retail Industry Business


A grocery store is a concept from the retail industry. This kind of business sell various products such as foods and other household products. Buying products in a grocery store is very convenient that’s why starting this retail business is a smart idea.


This business idea is easy to start and does not require huge amount of capital. But, the secret to run a grocery store successfully is to sell and stock the right products that people need and want to buy. Usually, this is family run business in which every member of the family has individual duty.

Starting a grocery store is a lucrative venture, but there are several things to consider as follows:

It’s important to look for the location that isn’t only accessible to customers but also with enough parking area. The traffic density and the proximity to other business play significant role for the success of the business.

  • Start-up capital

Determining the detailed cost for starting a grocery store is significant. It will guide you about the expenses that the business may incur throughout its operation. Typical expenses may include the following:

  • Rent
  • Initial inventory
  • Fixtures/equipment/security
  • Permits/licenses
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Grand opening/advertising
  • Utilities
  • Legal/accounting

The money that you will finance for starting the business can be huge. If your fund is not enough, you can use your other resources such as assets and other investments. You can either sell your assets or use them as collateral for loan. You can also look for government programs that offer support to small businesses.

  • Equipment

If you will open a grocery store, most likely you’ll need equipment such as freezers for perishable products. You’ll also need display cases, carts or baskets, weighing scales, bags and additional shelves.

Aside from those details discussed above, implementing competitive marketing strategies is also essential to stay on the edge of the competition. It’s not enough to make the case stacks and aisles attractive, it’s necessary to ensure proper placement of products on the shelf.

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Another key for the success of your grocery store is to keep customer retention. With the tough competition in the retail industry it can be difficult to keep customers. But, giving them the best services they deserve will make them coming back to your business.