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How to Start Investing in Stock Market Philippines


Stock Market Philippines – The stock market is one of the excellent ways for you to earn money while you sleep. However, just like any other investments, it also comes with a lot of risks, and that is why you need to take careful steps before you even begin to invest in this kind of business.

If you become knowledgeable in investing in the stock market, you can really consider this is a profitable investment, especially if you are careful not to lose any money. If you consider buying stocks and begin your investment, this article is for you.

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Here’s a list of guidelines you can go by before you purchase your first stocks.

1. Understand what stocks are and what stock market is. Before you even get to this business, you need to somehow have an understanding about what stock market is and how things work here. Stocks pertain to the shares in a corporation and when you purchase stocks that means you have a certain portion in that corporation. The stock market is where people buy and sell shares.

2. Determine your goal when it comes to your investment. The kind of goals that you have will help you determine the best option when it comes to investment. You have to identify whether these goals are short term or long term goals. You may plan to purchase a car or buy a house and lot and if you have these things in mind, investing on stock market may not be the only option you may need to consider. Most of the time, investing in a stock market will be more appropriate for those who really have long term goals.

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3. Know how to start investing in the stock market. Before you even begin investing, do a research and take time to read the official guide in stocks investment in the Philippine Stocks Exchange website. This will give you more information on how you can open an account with a broker until you can start trading.

4. Know how to do fundamental and technical analysis. This is a step you cannot afford to miss before the actual purchase of stocks. Take time to also learn the basic techniques such as buying and holding of stocks, active trading and cost averaging. These are just the basics but it will be better if you get familiarized with them so you will be able to know which style fits you best.