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Start a Low Capital Business or No Money at All


Today, when everything in the world is becoming more and more expensive, the need to earn extra cash and money on the side is more pressing than ever.

Many Filipino families and individuals who are already employed and have stable jobs are considering opening their own business, just to make both ends meet.


And there are a lot of great business ideas and concepts out there, however, the question is the cost. It is definitely not easy to start a business with no capital. But nobody says it is impossible either.

So if you are thinking about starting a business and you have that drive and determination to succeed, know that you can make it happen. There are ways for you to make it happen even with very little or no money at all. Here’s how.

1. Do not quit your job just yet. Opening your own business is already risky, let alone opening it with very little or no capital. You need to make sure you still have your continuous flow of income so do not quit your job so that you still have money to pay your bills and you can save for the growth and expansion of your business.

2. Choose a service oriented business. If you considering selling or retailing products, it will be hard to start because it will require a capital. However, you can leverage on your skills and sell your services. This can help you build up funds for the future in case you decide to switch to a product-based business.

There are just an endless list of the services that you can actually make money from. We all have talents and skills so why don’t you bank on yours. This is even more enjoyable especially if you are doing something that you love and passionate about, just like photography, writing, tutoring musical instruments, and a whole lot more.

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3. Minimize the needs of your business. If you are just starting out maybe as a freelancer, try to do all the work at first and be the sole employee of your company. This way, you won’t even have to rent a space because you can just work from home and you don’t have to pay other employees.