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Guide on How to Start a Tutoring Business?


If you have the knowledge and skills about something that you can share with other people, why not consider a tutoring business. Being a tutor does not necessarily mean being a licensed teacher. In fact, anyone can make money by being a freelance tutor.How-to-Start-a-Tutoring-Business

Establishing a tutorial business in the Philippines is a profitable venture to start. You can start tutoring kids by visiting their homes or tutor them in your home instead.

Here are some pointers that will help you decide to start a tutoring business:

  • Plan

Just like any other business ventures, the first thing to do is to create a plan including your budget. You should expect that you’ll not be able to receive immediate income. With this you should set aside some amount to spend while waiting for students to come.

  • Set goals

Before you decide to venture in any business, it is a must to set your goals. Make sure to set goals that are easy to achieve ad easy to handle to avoid frustration. You should also set both short and long term goals.

  • Keep your standard high

As you aim for a tutorial business, it is important to maintain high standard of teaching and other services. To be on the edge with your competitors, make sure to set a standard that will meet the needs of your clients.

  • Advertise

As you start your tutoring business, you need to advertise so that it will be recognized. You can advertise your business by giving calling cards, leaflets, and flyers. You can even display a streamer in front of your business location so that people can see it.

To make your business legal, you should register your business to the authorized agency. Start securing permit in your barangay. Next is to secure permit from the DTI.

Once you establish your business, you should determine whether you can tutor students one on one or in group. One on one tutorial may be applicable if the student needs special attention to cope up with the lessons.

Unlike regular schooling, the schedule of tutorial depends on the available schedule of the students. Starting a tutoring business would require investment capital for the application of permits and other things.

The cheapest tutorial fee is about Php2,500 a month or Php150 per hour.