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How to Start a Goat Farming Business


Goat farming business or goat raising is one of the ideal business ideas to start. This farm animal easily multiplies and can fit in a small farm condition, not to mention the low investment requirements.

It is easy to find a market for goat raising business because Filipinos by culture love to cook and serve goat meat during special occasions. With this, it entails higher price than other meats sold in the market.


Raising this livestock is attractive among less fortunate families. The good news is that the government and other Non-government agencies are providing livelihood programs about goat production. This helps augment the living of millions of Filipinos.

Things to Consider When Starting a Goat Raising Business

For backyard operation 

If you’re planning to raise goats in your backyard, you need to invest building a goat farm house and breeding stock. For the operating expenses, you need to invest for the vaccines of the goats, veterinary medicines, concentrates and other feed supplements.

For large-scale operation

This type of goat raising operation would require you big amount of investment as you’ll need to buy a land that can accommodate the goat house and has enough space as pasture area. Other fixed investment includes fences, water pump, feeding trough, ropes, wheelbarrow and spade.

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You’ll also need to secure breeding bucks and breeding does. In terms of the operating expenses, you’ll need to spend for the veterinary medicines, vaccines and drugs, feed supplements, maintenance and repair of the goat house, equipment, pasture and fences.

How much will it take to start the goat farming business?

Starting a goat raising business is profitable, yet it requires minimal capital investment depending on the doe requirements. A rough estimate of initial investment for 25 does is approximately Php67,250. You can expect for good return on investment within the first year operation of your business.

Goat raising is very common among small farmers who can raise livestock in the backyard. If you’re interested to start this business, you can start at least 5 to 10 does. Make sure you have idea about the best way to house the goats.

Keep in mind that like humans, they also need proper shelter and feeding for them to live healthier and longer.