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Top Small Business Ideas for Small Capital


Starting up a small business is a smart idea. It gives opportunity to those who want to venture in a business but don’t have big capital.

There are plenty of small business opportunities to start up, all you need is to be open minded to find the opportunities that will give viable options.


Here are some of the small business ideas that requires small capital.

  1. Load retailer business

Most people own a cellphone that’s why starting a load retailing business in the Philippines can provide you steady and growing income. All you need is to register to any load carriers so that you’ll become a registered load retailer.

By using your own cellphone, you can earn up to 10% on every load you sell. This won’t make you a millionaire in a short time, but it can give financial freedom.

  1. Fruit stand business

Fruits are well-loved all through the seasons in the Philippines. You can start a fruit stand business even at your own home. The key is to find a reliable supplier where you can buy good quality fruits.

Good forecasting and inventory control will limit spoilage and wastage.

  1. Rice retailing business

Rice is a staple among Filipinos and venturing in rice retailing business will guarantee good income. You can apply as a NFA rice retailer or from any distributorship program. You can easily attract customers if you’ll sell variety of rice.

  1. Street food business

Most Filipinos regardless of age love street foods. You can augment your income by selling tasty grilled or fried stuffs in the street or in your neighborhood. You can sell kikiams, fish balls, chicken balls, squid balls and hotdogs at affordable costs.

All you need is to set up a simple stall where you can offer complete meal to anybody to satisfy his or her hunger.

  1. Internet shop business

Starting an internet shop business guarantees good source of income. Millions of Filipinos have Facebook and love video games. If you don’t have enough fund to buy computers, you can look for computer suppliers offering lease to own programs.

The small business opportunities are unlimited. Hard work, determination and focus are important for any business to prosper. As long as you choose the right opportunity and do it efficiently and effectively, you can expect it will succeed. Starting a small business can lead you way up.