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Top Smart Investments for OFW


Many of our fellow Filipinos have opted to work abroad, and away from their families just to be able to support their needs, even their wants. And while they are working, they try their hardest to make sure they can save up for the time when they are ready to retire.

However, there are times when saving becomes difficult because of the expenses back home. So in order to make sure they earn something more for the future, many would consider investing.


If you are an OFW or if you have a family member or a relative who is also working abroad, here are some smart ideas that you can consider as an excellent investments.

1. Buy and Sell. Buying and selling is one of the best ideas for the OFWs who would like to multiply their earnings. A lot of merchandise can be purchased abroad and they can be sold here in the Philippines including clothes, shoes, gadgets, and a whole lot more.

They can do the purchasing while their family will be the ones to sell them here. They can also post some items online and purchase specific orders from their customers. This is very easy because you only need to be resourceful, and need to know the store where you can find the most reasonable prices.

2. Stock market. Stock market is another excellent investment because you don’t need to do anything else except to wait for your money to grow. You also do not need a huge amount of money in order to make the investment, but if you want to make sure that this investment pays off, you need to do a careful and a thorough research on which company you will be buying your stocks from. You can check for more information online so as to keep you guided.

3. Real estate. Investing on real estate may require a higher amount of money but it will definitely be worth it. This is excellent if all you want to prepare for is your future and the future of your family. If you are planning to purchase a house, there is no better time to do it than now, because in the long run, it will be more expensive to invest in properties.