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2018 Business Ideas to Start


The year had just started and it’s important to make the right start not only for yourself but also your finances.

Having a job doesn’t guarantee that your income can sustain your daily living. Thus, you may consider finding ways to earn exponential income and this can be possible by starting your own business. It doesn’t necessarily mean big business because you can start a small business.


The good news is that you can start the ball rolling through these small business ideas that are feasible in the Philippines including the following:

  1. Selling clothes online

The social media particularly Facebook and Instagram are good vehicle to start a business such as selling clothes line. This business idea can give you more profits as you can buy second hand or pre-loved clothes and sell it online.

  1. Couple shirts

Again, the social media can help you sell couple shirts. All you have to do is to choose cheesy prints, or unique options and funny ones that will suit to your customers’ preference. You can also offer personalized prints.

  1. Imported goods

Most Filipinos believed that imported goods are “better” than the local ones. You can use this notion in starting a small business. If you have a family member or a friend working abroad, you can ask them to buy imported goods. You can also buy authentic imported goods online and sell them.

  1. Cakes and pastries

If you have skills in baking sweet treats, you can use it to start a small business. Cakes and pastries are essentials in every party and other events. All you have to do is to make awesome creations so that it will be easier to find clients and market your business.

  1. Food business

Food is a necessity for everyday living and starting a food business can generate exponential income. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs started with small food business and now they own well-known food catering businesses in the Philippines. If you have enough funds, you can consider a franchise food business.

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Those business ideas do not guarantee success unless you have the passion. That’s why it’s important to start a business that you’re passionate about and which you know will impact to other people’s lives.