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How to Spend Your Money Instead of Buying an iPhone 8 or X


The innovations of technology have made most people dream to have new models of phone such as iPhone. However, not all of us can afford to buy an iPhone because of its expensive price tag.


This model of phones is very expensive especially if you’ll buy it when it was first introduced in the market. That’s why if you’re planning to buy an iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, make sure to ready your wallet.

But, is it practical to buy a new iPhone? Or would you think to invest your money to other worthy things or investment?

Here are some ideas on how you can spend your hard-earned money rather than buying an iPhone:

Start a small business

Maybe you’re thinking that starting a small business requires huge amount of capital. The good news is that you can start a small business with a starting capital that is equal with the cost of an iPhone. This means that you can use your money in a way that makes it as your main source of income and earn profit for long time.

Save for emergency fund

It is practical to save for emergency fund that you can use when you’re in dire need of cash. No one knows when uncertainties may come such as financial crisis, unemployment, or health emergencies. The price of an iPhone most likely is twice or three times the salary of an average Filipino. Thus, the amount can be used to cover different financial obligations for few months.

Buy a computer or laptop

A computer or laptop can be used as an income generating tool particularly if you find an online jobs. You can buy a decent laptop that costs half the price of an iPhone. Likewise, you can also use a laptop or computer to start an new business venture online.

Invest in stocks

The Philippine Stocks Exchange opens opportunity to everyone looking for an investment. Investing in stocks does not require huge amount of cash. The price of stocks increases every year and your money will grow exponentially. Thus, investing in stocks is more promising as compared to buying an iPhone.

When spending your hard-earned money, you should think whether it will give you good returns or just to satisfy yourself to have an iPhone that you can brag.