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Top 6 Small Business Ideas In Philippines


Have you considered being an entrepreneur and just start your own business? If yes, believe that you can make it happen. Many people have dream of owning and managing their own business because of many important reasons, but they feel that it is difficult and costly.

The good news is that there are just a plethora of businesses that you can just start even with a small or no capital at all. Here are some of the top small businesses that you can start here in the Philippines.


1. Online business. Almost every single Filipino has an access to the internet today and that means it is a lot easier for you to reach your target market. All you have to do is to choose the merchandise you would like to sell online, find a credible and affordable supplier, and of course your desktop and reliable internet connection. The challenge here is that the competition is tough in the online market, so you have to make sure your brand will stand out.

2. If you have an eye for great photos, then you can make money from your photography skills. All you need is a good camera, and you can start making use of your skills with your friends and relatives, until you get a lot of exposure.


3. Smart phone repair. If you have a knack for fixing things, especially mobile and smart phones, then you can start your own business right away. Everybody practically uses gadgets nowadays and they always need someone who is ready to offer them services in your local city.


4. Events planning. Do you like organizing parties and events? Events planning may be the perfect business for you. All you need is to make sure you are resourceful and creative enough to be able to meet your client’s demands.


5. Food carts. Who does not love to eat? Filipinos love food a lot and we all like something that is delicious yet affordable. You can consider having your own food cart and it will not require you a very big capital for a start.


6. Laundry service. With people who are busy everyday, they would barely have time to do the laundry and this is where your services will be needed. You can start with just two or three washing machines if you want to start with your laundry center and people who can help you operate the business.