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How to Start a Party Balloon Modelling Business


Starting a small business is everyone’s dream. A party balloon modelling business is a venture that requires less capital. All you need is to be innovative and creative in starting this business idea.


Balloons have been always part of every celebration including birthdays, weddings, christening, anniversaries and many others. Likewise, the target market is those individuals of all ages. Thus, investing in a party balloons modeling business can be a profitable idea.

For as low as Php5,000 you can start this business venture. The first thing to do is to buy the necessary equipment and supplies such as heavy-duty hand pump or an electric compressor, a letterset, different types of balloons, balloon sticks and inks. To maximize your small capital, you should look for a supplier that can offer you high quality, yet price effective supplies.


As you will offer a balloon modeling services, it is a must that you should know some ideas about balloon decoration. Likewise, you should also learn different styles and designs of balloons. You can also hire someone who can help you do the job and perform the task properly and promptly.

The good thing about starting a party balloon modeling business is that you can also expand other services such as bubble machine rental or event organizing services. Carry other complimentary items such as tables and chairs, magicians and clowns.

This business venture can be profitable particularly if you find a high traffic location. For start-ups, you can start right at your home, but you need to exert extra effort in promoting and marketing your business. You can ask your family and friends to promote your business.

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As you start the business, you should know the pricing offered by your competitors. This way, you can adjust your pricing without comprising the quality of your service.

From a small start-up capital, you can grow your business that would make your customers happy.