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How to Apply for LPG Petron Franchise | Details and Requirements


Investing in oil products seems like profitable, but many business enthusiasts were hesitant because they think that it would cost them a million to put up such business. This can be true, but there’s another way to do it such as through franchising.

Petron Corporation is deemed to be the largest marketing and oil refining company in the Philippines. They supply almost 40% of the oil requirements in the Philippines and offer quality services and world-class products.

The LPG brands that this company carry include Petron Fiesta Gas and Petron Gasul that have been part of many households for decades. To expand their business and to serve more people, the company offers partnership with entrepreneurs who want to franchise Petron products and services.

How to Become Petron Business Partners?

Petron offers two types of partnership such as:

  • LPG dealers

Franchising Petron allows you to become a LPG dealer. You can buy LPG products from their outlets and store them in your location.

  • LPG refilling plant operators

This involves commercial distribution by which the operator can refill Petron LPG product cylinders and maintain Petron LPG products.

Application process

  • Screening

The first thing to do if you’re interested to franchise Petron is to submit a letter of intent addressed to Petron Corporation. The following information should be cited in your letter including:

  1. Type of business partnership
  2. Plant address (for LPG refiling plant operator) or proposed outlet location (for LPG dealer)

The letter will be reviewed and a Petron representative will contact you for further assessment. You’ll also be advised about the results of the review the soonest possible time.

  • Training

Once you pass the screening process, you will be required to enroll in a 7-day training for Petron LPG Dealers Management Course. The training will give you with the necessary knowledge about the product, safety skills and how to implement the marketing and sales strategy.

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A hands-on training will be conducted onsite for refilling Plant Operators. This may be held prior or during the business operations and may last for a month.

Project Implementation

If you’re applying for LPG dealership, you need to refurbish your outlet as soon as your business proposal is approved. The company will give suggestions about the hauling trucks to use and the design of your shop.

The same goes with LPG Refilling Plant Operators, but the company also help some of the expenses in acquiring the equipment to ensure the integrity of the product and the safety of the operator and the business.

Should you be interested to apply for a Petron franchise, you may send your letter to the following Petron contacts numbers and address:

For Luzon Applicants:

Address: Petron Gasul-Pasig, Bo.

Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila

Tel. No.: (02) 671-9817

For Visayas-Mindanao Applicants:

Address: Petron Mandaue Terminal,

Looc, Mandaue City

Tel. No.: (032) 344-7341 to 44 loc. 50158

Should you have additional inquiries, kindly call our Petron Customer Interaction Center (PCIC):

Hotline No.: (632) 802-7777

Toll Free No.: 1-800-100-738766 (PETRON)

Email: contactus@petron.com

Website: http://www.petron.com