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Food Business Ideas to Start in the Philippines


Engaging in the food business is an ideal way to earn an income. Food is very much in demand because it is a necessity of human beings. That’s why a food business is a profitable venture as it has active market. This is the reason why many food ventures are flourishing everywhere.

If you consider this type of business, you need to study the competition. Keep in mind that there are plenty of food businesses available. That’s why you need to make a thorough plan how you will compete with those that were already established.

A food business isn’t an easy thing to run and you need to consider many things. You need to have a proper mindset not only to handle the finances properly, but also to keep the business going.

Here are some of the food business ideas to choose from:

  1. Coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop is a profitable business, but make sure to offer quality pastries and drinks at affordable price. Likewise, you need also to ensure quality service to your customers.


  1. Kakanin

Kakanin isn’t only popular during occasions, but even during ordinary days not to mention the fact that it requires low capital. All you have to do is to choose different Filipino kakanin delicacies such as sapin-sapin, puto, biko, palitaw, cassava cake, buchi, kalamay, and many more.

You can cook these kakanin on your own if you know how to do it. This way you can earn more profits. You can also look for re-sellers or distributors in your area or neighboring areas.

  1. Siomai stand

Another low cost business idea is a siomai stand. It’s not only affordable, but also serve in many ways. You can sell either fried or steamed siomai. Serve it with rice, calamansi, with chili sauce, or plain.


  1. Cupcakes and cakes

If you love baking, you can start a food business by selling cakes and cupcakes. This business is feasible because cakes are associated to different occasions and events. You can also use your creativity by customizing cake designs.


  1. Carinderia

People who can’t afford to dine in restaurants would prefer to eat in a carenderia. People with busy schedules consider buying readily cooked food. Make sure to serve different menu every day and offer your specialty to maximize your profits.

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To succeed in a food business, safety and sanitation is a must. Regardless of the location, make sure to observe the standards on proper food handling, storage, and preparation.