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How to Start Generika Drugstore Franchise


It is said that getting sick is expensive as it involves medications, treatment and hospitalization. This couldn’t be a problem for those well-off individuals, but for those less fortunate people it might mean life and death.How-to-Start-Generika-Drugstore-Franchise

Even confinement in public hospitals would cost you big amount of money to purchase medicines that are not available in the hospital’s pharmacy.

The good thing is that there is a drugstore that offers low-cost, yet high quality medicines that are competitive with branded drugs.

Generika drugstore promotes using generic drugs that works like those high-priced medicine. This is a big help for those in need of affordable medicines. This company is a joint venture between two families including the family of Julien and Alexandra Bello and the family of Teodoro and Rosalinda Ferrer.

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The first outlet of Generika Drugstore was located in Montillano, Muntinlupa. As a way of expanding the business, the company decided to offer franchising business model. Presently, there are more than 350 outlets of Generika throughout the country.

Generika Drugstore Franchise Packages

There are various franchise packages suitable to different investment allocations. Likewise, the prices also vary according to size and number of branches as well as location. The total franchise investment would cost approximately Php650,000 to Php1,300,000.

Here’s the list of packages to choose from:

  • Standard package – Php150,000
  • Satellite package – Php50,000
  • Small Town package – Php50,000
  • Twin store package – Php50,000
  • Drugstore conversion – Php100,000
  • Mini-town package – Php30,000

Generika Franchise Package Inclusion

The standard package includes the following:

  • Franchise fee and development fund
  • Computer package including computer hardware and OS licenses
  • POS System that will be used for managing the sales transactions and inventories as well as facilitate customer service
  • Store supplies
  • Initial inventory
  • Security deposit

The total cost of investment may be expensive, but you can expect for a return on investment within 2 years of operation. Keep in mind that the location of the outlet plays a big role in determining the sales and the return on investment.

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If you’re interested to apply for Generika Drugstore franchise, you can inquire from the following contact details:

Office Address: DPI Bldg., 1st St. Cor. 2nd St., Cervantes Compound, KM. 17, West Service Road, Parañaque City

Telephone: +6328281818 loc. 161

Mobile Number: +639328447948

E-mail: customerservice@generika.com.ph

Website: www.generika.com.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Generika.com.ph

Twitter: https://twitter.com/generikaPH