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5 Effective Instagram Campaigns for Your Business


Marketing and advertising are two different things that help in any business campaign. There are various marketing strategies a business can implement and social media marketing is the most common. Today, millions of internet users are also using social media sites and this is the reason why many businesses are taking advantage the powerful social media platforms including Instagram.5-Effective-Instagram-Campaigns-for-Your-Business

The good thing about engaging in social media marketing is that you can both advertise and market your business. It’s good to promote your business through Instagram because you can easily attract attention of users who spend most of their time to visual sharing and messaging. The key to succeed in Instagram marketing is to create and share interesting and awesome content.

Steps to run a killer marketing campaign through Instagram

  1. Set your goals

It is necessary to plan thoroughly prior of investing in Instagram marketing campaign. You should identify your goals why you want to engage in Instagram marketing. Do you want to raise brand awareness, drive sign-ups, sell your products or build email list? Make sure that your Instagram campaign is correlated with your marketing objectives in order to obtain the best results.

  1. Identify your audience

Reaching out your target audience is a lot easier as long as you know who are your audience. Creating content that will attract the interest of your audience is an effective strategy. If you know your specific audience, most likely you can create a campaign tailored to their needs. In order to identify your audience, the best thing to do is to follow them. This way you’ll know more about them.

  1. Plan thoroughly your marketing campaign

Thorough planning is the key to succeed in your Instagram marketing campaign. Your plan should include well-defined purpose, your target audience and measurable objectives. You need also to plan the duration of your campaign and how many content can you post. This makes sense of planning your resources ahead of time. Make sure to create a shareable and fun hashtag.

  1. Link to Instagram influencers

Working with influencers is an effective way to promote Instagram marketing campaign for your business. All you have to do is to identify bloggers, influencers and photographers relevant to your niche. Check if they have huge followers and determine if they’re relevant and have the same interest as your business. However, make sure to look for influencers who can help to promote your product without any pay.

  1. Organize your Instagram marketing campaign

To ensure that your campaign will run smoothly, the best thing to do is to organize your campaign. To boost your productivity, you need also to schedule your Instagram posts. After launching your campaign, you need to promote it diligently and engage with your audience by responding to comments.

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Indeed, using Instagram to promote your business is very effective as long as you come up with the right marketing campaign. As long as you know your marketing goals, Instagram campaigns will lead your business to success. If it’s your first time to engage in social media marketing, you can refer to Vibbi to know more about implementing Instagram marketing.