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How to Invest and Grow your P 10,000


It does not necessarily mean having huge amount of money before you can start investing. You can make your money work and grow even starting with small amount.

Investing as little as P10,000 can lead you to financial freedom. With the robust investment options available today, you can choose from many financial products that require low investment amount. You can select from mutual funds, money market placements, equities and unit investment trust funds.


Putting your P10,000 into a high-yielding financial product, it will multiply and grow substantially over a period. Compounding is the easiest way to grow your investment. All you have to do is to choose the right pooled investments that can diversify your holdings.

UITFs and mutual funds are the best vehicle to invest your P10,000. Aside from being affordable, you need not worry about your money because a professional finance manager will manage your fund. Another thing is that you can still withdraw your funds as the need arises, but expect for some fees.

Investing your P10,000 in mutual funds allows your money to grow through the shares earned from various instruments equal to the money you have invested. On the other hand, with UITFs, your money is invested in different instruments like money markets, government bonds, equities and others that are controlled by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Pointers to consider when investing your P10,000

  1. Regardless of the amount of money you want to invest and your financial status, it’s essential to identify your financial objective and your willingness to take the risk.
  2. You can maximize your gains if you will put your money in a long-term investment.
  3. Study how different investment vehicles work and how they can give you better gains.
  4. Use and add your extra funds to your initial investment to realize your investment objectives quicker.
  5. If you think to invest your money with buying and selling your funds, take time checking the transaction and management fees.
  6. Before investing your money to any organization or fund manager, you should check the track record. This way you can ensure if the fund manager has the capability to meet your investment targets.
  7. Keep in mind that putting your money in pooled investments involves risks as it is not controlled by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. Pooled investment isn’t the best option if your objective is to preserve your capital.