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Tips on How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business


Water is essential for us to live. But, what if the water you’re drinking is not clean and safe? In most areas, many people don’t have a clean source of water. Due to the substances flowing into the marine environment, the water sources became contaminated, thus undrinkable.

With this, a water refilling station business is a smart idea to consider. This business venture is one of the most profitable because you can have a steady pool of customers.


There are two ways to start this venture. It is either you start your own business or acquire a franchise. If you decide to set up your own water refilling business, then you need to consider the following tips;

  1. Create a water refilling station business plan

Just like any other business ventures, a business plan is essential as it will serve as guide in starting and running your business. In the plan you should include the vision, marketing strategies, brand values and how it will operate. You should also include your business goals that can attract future investors.

  1. Look for strategic business location

It is a must to look for a strategic location for your business. It should be accessible to your target market or in a place that has heavy foot traffic. Ideal places include near schools, offices, clinics and hospitals, and residential.

  1. Find for a water refilling station supplier

As you’re planning a water refilling business, you must look for a water refilling station machine supplier or equipment. Find at least 3 to 5 suppliers and ask for their price list. Compare them and choose the one that offers high quality yet low-cost equipment.

  1. Register your business

To make your business functional and legal, it should be registered to the DTI. The process may take time as you need to provide the necessary requirements. You’ll also need to secure mayor’s permit and sanitary certificate.


The capital investment that you’ll need to start a water refilling business would cost about Php450,000.00. This covers the equipment/machine, delivery vehicle, permits and licenses, initial supplies and setting up or renovating a store.

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You also need to invest for the monthly expenses such as manpower salaries, electric bill, phone bill, transportation allowance and others.

To know if your business earns profit, deduct the gross expenses from the gross sales. Never base your monthly sales from the gallon of water produced per day. Instead, consider the actual bottle or gallons sold per day.