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Western Union Franchise – A Profitable Money Transfer Business


Money transfer is getting popular nowadays because it is the easiest and convenient way of money remittance for both local and foreign currency. In fact, it helps in the economic growth of the country.Western-Union-Franchise--Profitable-Money-Transfer-Business

Western Union is one of the money remittance or transfer centers that is well-known in the Philippines. This company has partnership with other financial agencies to efficiently provide services like money transfers, money orders, and bill payments.

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The good thing is that Western Union welcomes interested individuals who want to partner with them or simply to become an agent. This is a profitable business opportunity to consider.

Why Choose Western Union Franchise

Investing in a Western Union Franchise offers several benefits such as the following:

  • You can earn income from the accumulated commission earned from every money transfer transaction made.
  • You’re not only earning revenue but at the same time provides convenience to your customers.
  • You can improve the revenues by engaging in cross-selling opportunities.
  • This is a profitable business because 77% of the customers transfer money frequently and make their transaction with the same agent.

How to Become an Western Union Agent?

The most feasible candidates to become a Western Union agent are those who have existing retail business such as convenience stores, financial service providers, travel agencies, pawnbrokers, etc. Anyone who is interested can enroll and register at the official website of Western Union to become an accredited and official agent.

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Fill out the online form that you can find in the website and submit it. A salesperson will contact you and once the application is approved, you can start the transaction. This is an online business that’s why you need to have a strong and stable so that you can provide 24-hour service. Likewise, it is also important to deliver consistent customer service support by addressing all the queries and issues encountered.

Western Union Agent Additional benefits

  • No investment or annual fees involved; all you need is a computer, an internet connection and depending on your country, a printer.
  • Get a free marketing and sales starter packs for your retail location(s).
  • Receive, free of charge, training and money transfer software updates.
  • Take advantage of 24-hour customer service support.
  • Benefit from best-in-class compliance program.

Applying for franchise does not require annual fees or investment. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a printer. The company also provides free sales starter and marketing packs as well as money transfer software.

If you want to become an agent of Western Union, you can contact the following information:

02 888-1200 (for calls within Metro Manila) or

1-800-1-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via PLDT Lines) or

1-800-9-888-1200 (toll-free nationwide via Globe Lines) or

+632 888-1200 (for calls from overseas)