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How to Obtain Selecta Ice Cream Franchise


The food industry is one of the most flourishing sector in the market. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs invest in selling food various items.

Ice cream is a favorite of almost all people and Selecta ice cream is one of the best-sellers. If you want to invest in the food industry, franchising Selecta ice cream products can be the best option.

It’s a best idea to open such business venture since ice cream and other frozen desserts can only cool down the temperature but also uplift the mood and happy hormones. This is also a perfect choice of business because of the tropical climate in the Philippines. Thus, ice cream is viable throughout the year.


By selling Selecta ice cream, you can expect to have a solid profitable business opportunity as you can keep steady stream of customers. If you want to become a distributor of Selecta products, keep reading.

How to Apply for Selecta Ice Cream Franchise or Distributorship

Selling Selecta ice cream requires minimal investment as it is a low-cost franchise opportunity, but it will give you good return on investment. But, the company doesn’t offer franchise, instead they encourage entrepreneurs to venture with Selecta Ice Cream Stock Point Partnership.

To start this business venture, you should have the following qualities:

  1. Entrepreneurial skills, right attitude and dedication
  2. Willing to manage or run the business personally
  3. Have at least 10-15 square meters’ space
  4. Owns the property and resident of the area

Venturing in a partnership with Selecta is not only profitable, but also offers gratifying and smooth transaction. Entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to attend world class training to teach them operate the business by themselves.

The company will also provide innovative and unfaltering refrigeration equipment. Replenishing of stocks is done in a timely manner to ensure steadfast customer and logistics service.

If you are decided to engage in a partnership with the company, all you have to do is to contact them through email or hotline or you can visit their office. The complete address and contact information is cited below.

The Mobiling Group, Unilever RFM Ice Cream Inc.

Manggahan Light Industrial Park A. Rodriguez Avenue, Bo. Manggahan Pasig City 1611, Philippines

Hotline: (02) 646-2324 Email: red.mobiler@unilever.com

More about Selecta ice cream cart franchise and price.

visit their website : https://www.unilever.com.ph/brands/our-brands/selecta.html